Awesome Avocados

Awesome Avocados

18 octobre, 2021

The trendiest fruit on earth! Loved by millennials, eaten on the ubiquitous avocado toast and mashed into a million bowls of guacamole. People all over the world love to eat avocados, but have you included them in your skincare routine yet?

In the lush fertile soils of Kenya, avocado trees thrive. Small scale farmers grow avocado trees next to other crops like macadamia and coffee, but are often left out of pocket when the fussy large scale exporters reject their fruit for the slightest imperfection. Our Virgin Avocado Oil producers work with these farmers to buy their rejected avocados and turn them into oil - the ultimate in recycling! The fruit is collected from the farm gate and the farmer is paid on the spot for the weight of the fruit, giving them a much needed boost of income. The avocados are then cold pressed which means the flesh of the avocados is squeezed at temperatures below 35°C, keeping all the precious nutrients intact.

Our Virgin Avocado Oil is the most beautiful dark emerald green and has quite a thick consistency. Packed full of essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins A, C, D & E it is antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. What more could you ask for! It leaves skin moisturised, hydrated and reduces age spots and wrinkles.

Our CEO Andy uses Virgin Avocado Oil every day. He’s shared his favourite ways to use it:

  1. To ‘oil cleanse’ your face. Oil dissolves other oils. By rubbing Virgin Avocado Oil into your face you are dissolving the dirty or ‘bad’ oil that has lodged in your pores. Massage in, leave for a few moments, wipe off and then rinse.
  2. As a scalp treatment. If you have a dry or itchy scalp then massaging warm avocado oil into your scalp, leaving on for 15 minutes and then washing away with a mild shampoo can work wonders.
  3. Use in cooking in place of olive or other oils. As a monounsaturated fat it is heart healthy and when used in salad dressings it boosts your body’s ability to receive the nutrients from the salad.

Discover your own favourite uses for our Virgin Avocado Oil